The Photo Challenge

Due to COVID-19 we must remain self quarantined and distant for now. I think it is very important for everyone to get creative and what is a better time than now? This will allow everyone to explore their home in different ways they would never imagine, have fun getting creative, and learn different aspects of photography all at the same time!

What is the online Photo Challenge?

It is an online challenge where you can check off and post each of the photos you complete. I will go from top to bottom and do one a week. You can follow along with me or skip around, but be sure to post your photos and use the # - #FeliciaAprilPhotoChallenge and tag me so I can see and repost! We will go over different aspects of photography like High angles, Low angles, B+W, Portraits, and more. This is a fun and non-judgemental environment so everyone must be ready to have a good time and a positive attitude! There will also be a Facebook group for those who are interested in being in a uplifting and creative atmosphere where each week we can share our photos weekly with each other.

What can I use to take pictures with?

You may use ANYTHING that takes pictures, Digital Camera, a Phone, a Tablet ... As long as it takes a picture you are all set!

Are we still going to do the in person meetups once they allow group settings?

Yes! I am taking things day by day but I am definitely still open to doing the in person photography groups. It seems like the restrictions will last awhile, but even if this has to wait until Summer of 2021 I am still up for it!

Is there one place we can all collaborate?

If you are interested in joining a Facebook group where I will post updates and my behind the scenes (BTS) and a place for you to show the challenges you completed then fill out this form below. <3. * Those who do not have a FB may use a parents facebook to post in the group (with their permission of course!).

If yes, I will send you an email!