The Photography Challenge

Due to COVID-19 schools everywhere are closing and we must remain self quarantined and distant for now. When the Government allows us to come together again I would love to offer a Photography Challenge to those 17 Years and younger. This will allow everyone to get out of the house while school is online, socialize, and learn different aspects of photography all while having a blast at the same time!

What is a Photography Challenge?

We will go over as much as time allows. We will meet at state park or the beach (more specifics to come) and we will go over different aspects of photography - High angles, Low angles, B+W, Portraits, Nature and more. This is a group setting so everyone must be ready to have fun and have a positive attitude! We will separate certain age group for non-private groups. If you have a group of friends and you would like a private group just let me know (3-5+) people for a private group! <3

What can I use to take pictures with?

You may use ANYTHING that takes pictures. From Polaroid, Digital Camera, a Phone... As long as it takes a picture you are good!

What will we do until the restrictions on groups have been released?

While everyone waits until we can have these creative meetups we can start the challenge via Facebook group! Those attending may use a parents facebook to post in the group and permission to be in the group. (Permission forms will be sent).


If so say yes and send me a friend request so I can invite you. (Or if we are already FB Friends just message me!)